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Calix Lewis Reneau - Producer

A graduate of both the UCLA producing and screenwriting programs, Calix Lewis Reneau is an amazing writer because as an ardent connoisseur of story, Calix understands the critical elements that constitute a superior screenplay.  While he respects the rules of the game, he is bold to take risks that expose the fury and frailty of humanity, seeing past the obvious to reveal the complex dimensions in his characters and to elevate his commercial stories with depth and vision.

Both amiable and professional, with a keen perception and respect for the lens, Calix joyfully works with the vision of the director, producers and actors.  Calix creates projects that regularly attract top Hollywood talent who choose to work with him repeatedly. 

In a word: Calix delivers.

In addition to his screenwriting, Calix has been successful in many different writing genres and media.  He is the author of nearly 100 nationally-published articles, an award-winning songwriter, top-selling greeting card writer, former studio and touring musician, and the author of four published books. 

In the last four years, Calix has produced over 30 original projects, including shorts, iPhone apps, animation, sitcom pilots, talk shows, and four feature films.  Calix is currently working with USMC LtCol Doug Woodhams to develop the feature film OUTPOST ECHO, the story of the US Marines in Afghanistan, as well as having projects in active development at several production companies and studios.


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