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Marc Morgenstern - Writer / Director

Marc's wide range of experience comes from several different disciplines in the film and television industry. Marc's first film "The Vampire Conspiracy" premiered in 2005 and has gone on to gain worldwide distribution.


In 2005 Marc was instrumental in developing and directing the TV series HouseCapades, starring Mike Bullard and saw it run a full four seasons. Since then he's been involved in several different award-winning projects including a series of PSA devoted to teaching kids about the dangers of smoking, allergies and hand washing, As well as the multi-award winning commercial 'Poker Face" which brought home a coveted Mobius award as well as was a finalist in the 2010 Cannes Lions Awards for Creativity.


Not only has Marc achieved success as a director, but as a writer as well, where three of his films are currently optioned to become feature films with him holding the helm as director. Marc currently lives in Los Angeles with his fiance.




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